Radishes (58) Anchovies (141)

Soup au Lard, Mehagere

Bass a la Biere

Potatoes Parisienne (711)

Tendrons of Veal with Glazed Onions

Spinach in Cream (399)

Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce

Celery Mayonnaise (69)

Cream Cake

1235. Soup Au Lard, Menagere

Cut three ounces bacon in quarter-inch squares, plunge them in a pint boiling water for ten minutes, remove and drain on a sieve. Boil three and a half quarts water in a large saucepan, add one pound salt pork, half a head clean cabbage cut in small pieces, two each peeled, sliced carrots and turnips, the whites of two each sliced leeks and white onions; season with one teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Cover the pan and let slowly boil for one hour, then add the pieces of bacon, one crushed bean sound garlic and three peeled, well-washed, sliced potatoes. Boil again for another hour, remove, take off the piece of pork and keep for further use. Pour the soup in a large, hot soup tureen and serve with six slices French bread, toasted, separately.

1236. Bass A La Biere

Procure a nice fresh bass of three and a half pounds, trim off the fins, scale and wipe well. Finely slice two medium, white, peeled onions, place in a braising pan with half ounce butter, place on the fire and cook for three minutes; lay the bass over the onions, add one teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, half teaspoon each chopped chervil and chives, and season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon paprika. Moisten with three-quarters pint light beer, cover the fish with a lightly buttered paper, boil for five minutes, then set in the oven for thirty minutes. Remove, lift up the paper, arrange the bass on a large dish, place the pan on the fire and let boil for three minutes. Knead in a bowl a half ounce butter with half ounce flour and add little by little to the boiling sauce, continually mixing meanwhile; boil for two minutes more, remove, pour sauce over the fish and serve with six heart-shaped bread croutons (No. 90) around the fish.

1237. Tendrons Of Veal With Glazed Onions

Have three and a half pounds tender breast of veal, cut it into three-inch-square pieces, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper and rub the pieces well in the seasoning. Slice one carrot, one onion, two leeks, one branch celery and place them in a roasting pan with two branches parsley, one bean garlic, one bay leaf, one clove and one sprig thyme. Cover each piece of veal with a small, very thin slice larding pork, lay the veal over the vegetables, pork side upward, pour a gill water into the pan and set in a brisk oven for thirty minutes, turning it over once only. Remove, arrange the pieces of veal in a braising pan, skim the fat from the gravy in the pan, add a half gill white broth (No. 701), one gill demi-glace (No. 122) and a gill tomato sauce (No. 16); lightly mix, then boil for five minutes. Strain the sauce through a Chinese strainer over the veal, cover the pan and set in the oven for thirty minutes more. Remove, dress the veal on a hot dish, one overlapping another, and pour the gravy over.

Arrange the glazed onions (No. 125) around the dish, sprinkle half teaspoon freshly chopped chives over and serve.

Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce

Prepare the turkey as per No. 67, saving the neck, heart, liver, gizzard and wings for to-morrow.

1238. Cream Cake

Sift one pound flour on a table, make a small fountain in the centre, pour in half pint of double cream with half teaspoon salt and two ounces sugar, then gradually incorporate flour with the cream; knead well for five minutes, place the paste on a cold plate and keep in a cool place for thirty minutes.

Wash well in ice water a-quarter pound butter; remove and squeeze out all water from it, roll out the paste on a lightly floured table to half inch in thickness, spread the butter in the centre of the paste; fold up the four corners of paste to meet right in the centre, so as to entirely cover the butter, place it on a tin and keep in the ice box for ten minutes. Roll it out again to a square form half inch in thickness, wet one-half the surface with ice water, fold in two and place in the ice box for ten minutes; roll it out same way, and fold up as before; repeat the exact operation three times more. Give a square form half inch in thickness, egg the surface and borders, sprinkle two ounces granulated sugar on top, place on a lightly wetted pastry pan and bake in the oven for thirty minutes. Remove and serve.