Sliced Pineapples (407)

Cream of Wheat (1603)

Poached Eggs, Virginia

Yarmouth Bloaters (311)

Lamb Kidneys en Brochette (1331)

Potatoes, Allumettes (196)

Cocoanut Cakes (423)

3120. Poached Eggs, Virginia

Broil six even, very thin slices of Virginia ham for one minute on each side, remove and place on a hot dish. Prepare twelve poached eggs (No. 106), but without toasts, lay over ham and serve.


Celery Broth (951)

Stuffed Devilled Crabs (10)

Vendali Curry

Apple Fritters (203)

3121. Vendali Curry

Cut into half-inch-square pieces an onion, two shallots, a seedless green pepper, seeded tomato, cored apple and bean sound garlic. Melt a heavy tablesoon butter in a saucepan, add above articles, sprinkle over two tablespoons flour, lightly stir, then add a pound each raw lean veal and pork cut into one-inch squares, and half a sound, seeded eggplant cut in three-quarter-inch squares. Season with teaspoon curry powder, a saltspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, mix well, cook for ten minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile, and moisten with a pint of broth or water. Tie in a bunch two branches parsley, a branch chervil, sprig thyme, bay leaf, clove, add to pan, mix well, cover pan and boil for five minutes, then set in oven for one hour, being careful to mix once in a while. Remove, take up bouquet, add white fibres (meat) of a medium, grated, fresh cocoanut, mix well, cook for six minutes, dress curry on a hot dish, arrange a boiled rice (No. 490) around and serve.