Stewed Prunes (1) Malta Vita (1592)

Fried Eggs, Colbert Fried Little Neck Clams

Lamb Kidneys en Brochette (1331)

Potatoes au Gratin (173)

Corn Muffins (51)

2048. Fried Eggs, Colbert

Heat one and a half tablespoons melted butter in a frying pan and carefully crack in twelve fresh eggs. Evenly season with half teaspoon salt, three saltspoons pepper, fry for one minute, then set in oven for five minutes. Remove, carefully slide on a large hot dish, pour a Colbert sauce (No. 121) over and serve.

2049. Fried Little Neck Clams

Roll forty-eight freshly opened fresh clams in flour, then dip in beaten egg, gently roll in cracker dust or bread crumbs, plunge in boiling fat and fry for five minutes. Lift up, drain, sprinkle a little salt over, dress on a hot dish, decorate with six quarters of lemon and serve.


Fish Scallops au Gratin

Terrine of Ham and Veal

Fresh Macedoine Salad

Creme au Caramel (480)

2050. Fish Scallops Au Gratin

Peel off skin, remove the bones and cut in half-inch-square pieces one and a half pounds very fresh halibut, place in a frying pan with gill white wine, half ounce butter, one teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Cover fish with a lightly buttered paper, boil on range for five minutes, then set in oven six minutes. Mix in a saucepan one and a half ounces butter with two ounces flour and heat for one minute, stirring meanwhile. Pour in the fish liquor, one gill milk and one gill cream, thoroughly mix until it comes to a boil, then boil for five minutes; add fish with two tablespoons sherry, one teaspoon anchovy essence, and gently mix and cook for five minutes. Pour the whole into a baking dish, sprinkle a little grated Parmesan cheese over, set in oven to bake for ten minutes, remove and serve.

N. B. Any left-over fish can be utilized instead of the fresh.

2051. Terrine Of Ham And Veal

Finely chop a half pound raw lean veal with half pound of fresh raw fat pork, place in a mortar with two egg yolks, two tablespoons sherry, one teaspoon rum, half teaspoon salt, saltspoon cayenne, salt-spoon grated nutmeg and saltspoon ground mixed spice; thoroughly pound five minutes, then press through a sieve and keep on a plate. Procure three slices quarter of a pound each from a leg of veal; neatly flatten them. Season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper; place in a frying pan with tablespoon melted butter, fry three minutes on each side, and keep on a plate. Have three slices cooked ham same thickness as the steaks and place on plate with the veal. Line interior of an oval cocotte tureen with thin slices larding pork, arrange a layer of the preparation at bottom and all around sides of the tureen, quarter of an inch thick. Place a slice veal at bottom, spread a little force over the veal, then a slice of ham, a little more force, another slice of veal, etc., until finished. Arrange a bay leaf on top. Cover with thin slices larding pork; pour in half gill sherry, cover tureen, then place in a small braising pan, pour in hot water up to half the height of tureen, set in oven one hour.

Bring tureen to oven door, lift up cover, pour in two tablespoons brandy, re-cover, set in oven and bake half an hour more. Remove, place tureen in a cool place, lay a board, oval shape, of same size as tureen, over the pate, place a pound weight on top until thoroughly cold, lift up board, remove fat from top, pass a clean knife all around edges so as to detach it. Turn on a cold dish with a folded napkin, remove lard from top and all around.

Cut in quarter-inch pieces four tablespoons jelly (No. 1879), arrange around the tureen. Finely slice lengthwise twelve medium vinegar pickles, arrange them, one overlapping another, on top around as a crown, place a thin slice of truffle in centre and serve.

. N. B. A little finely chopped truffle sprinkled over each layer of force in the tureen will improve the flavour considerably, if so desired.

2052. Fresh Macedoine Salad

With a small Parisian potato scoop, scoop out all you can from six medium, scraped carrots and four peeled medium, white turnips; place in a saucepan with a quart water and half teaspoon salt and boil thirty-five minutes. Drain well on sieve, then place in a cool place and let cool off. Add then four tablespoons cooked cold green peas, four tablespoons cold cooked string beans, cut in short pieces, two tablespoons cold cooked fresh or canned asparagus tips and half a small cold cooked cauliflower (but nothing but the perfect flower) in small pieces. Season with four tablespoons dressing (No. 863), gently mix all well together and serve.