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Consomme Suedois

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Chateaubriand with Olives

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Punch, Siberien (960)

Redhead Ducks with Currant Jelly (37)

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Biscuits, Tortoni (1521)

2574. Consomme, Suedois

Prepare a consomme (No. 52), strain it into another saucepan and keep simmering. Cut in exceedingly small square pieces a medium carrot, one turnip, one onion, one leek and a quarter small sound cabbage; place them in a saucepan with half ounce butter, half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper; pour in enough of the consomme* to cover the vegetables, cover pan and set in oven for forty-five minutes. Remove, add one egg yolk, a tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese and sharply mix with a wooden spoon.

Cut out from a loaf of stale French bread twelve thin slices, toast them to a light colour, then spread the vegetables over, arrange on a tin, set in oven with door open for ten minutes, place in a soup tureen, pour consomme over and serve.

2575. Chateaubriand With Olives

Trim a little of the fat from a two-pound piece tenderloin of beef, place in a coarse towel and neatly flatten with a cleaver to the thickness of one and one half inches. Mix on a plate a tablespoon oil, teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, repeatedly turn the filet in the seasoning, arrange on broiler and broil on a slow fire for eight minutes on each side. Remove, sprinkle a little salt all around, place on a tin, pour a tablespoon melted butter and squeeze the juice of half a lemon over, set in oven for eight minutes, remove, dress on a hot dish, pour an olive sauce (No. 1673) over, sprinkle a little chopped parsley on top and serve.