Stewed Prunes (1) Cero-Fruto (1610)

Eggs, Suzette

Fresh Mackerel, Fines Herbes (1204)

Broiled Squabs with Bacon (1693)

Potatoes, Anna (84)

Buckwheat Cakes (330)

3095. Eggs, Suzette

Thoroughly wipe six even-sized, raw, unpeeled potatoes, place in a small roasting pan and set in oven for thirty-five minutes. Remove, clip a piece off surface of each, scoop out interiors and press soft part through potato masher into a bowl. Add a half gill hot milk, tablespoon butter, half teaspoon salt, three saltspoons pepper, and sharply mix with a wooden spoon until smooth. Line the interiors and sides of potatoes with preparation, crack a fresh egg into each potato, season evenly with three saltspoons salt, a saltspoon pepper, sprinkle a little grated Parmesan cheese over and set in oven six minutes, remove, dress on a dish and serve.


Consomme in Cups (52)

Frogs' Legs, Bordelaise (2909)

Sirloin Steaks, Cabaret (245)

Omelette, Celestine (1799)