Baked Apples (44)

Oatmeal Porridge (2)

Omelette, Puree of Asparagus

Fried Oysters, Tartare Sauce

French Mutton Chops with Bacon

Baked Potatoes (683)

Rice Cakes (349)

843. Omelette With Puree Of Asparagus

Plunge a pint of drained, canned asparagus tips into a pint of boiling water for two minutes. Thoroughly drain, then with the aid of a puree brush press the asparagus through a small sieve into a small saucepan. Season with half teaspoon salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper and half teaspoon fine sugar; add half ounce butter. Mix well and let cook for five minutes. " Then proceed to prepare an omelette as per No. 75, and just before folding it up spread one-third of the asparagus puree over the omelette, fold up, let rest for a minute; turn on to a hot dish. Arrange the balance of the asparagus at both ends of the fish and serve.

844. Fried Oysters, Tartare Sauce

Place twenty-four large freshly opened oysters on a plate. Season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper, turn them well in the seasoning; then lightly roll in flour, slightly dip in beaten egg, and lastly roll in fresh bread crumbs. Place in a frying basket and fry in thoroughly boiling fat for five minutes. Lift them up, drain on a towel; sprinkle over a half teaspoon salt, dress on a hot dish, and serve with a Tartare sauce, prepared as per No. 48, in a sauce bowl separately.

845. French Mutton Chops With Bacon

Neatly trim and lightly flatten six tender, French mutton chops. Mix on a plate one teaspoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper and a tablespoon of oil; gently roll the chops in the seasoning, arrange them on a broiler, and broil on a brisk fire for six minutes on each side. Remove, place on a hot dish, one overlapping another. Arrange six thin slices of bacon on top of the chops and serve.

Cut out and arrange six very thin slices of bacon, broil them for two minutes on each side, remove and serve.


Soft Clams, Garrett

Chicken Croquettes with Flageolets

Pear Fritters

846. Soft Clams, Garrett

Procure twenty-four opened very fresh, good-sized soft clams; clean thoroughly, keeping nothing but the perfect bodies. Plunge in boiling water for two minutes, remove and drain well on a sieve. Heat two tablespoons butter in a saucepan, add two tablespoons flour, stir briskly with a wooden spoon; moisten with half a pint of white broth (No. 701). Season with half teaspoon salt, a saltspoon red pepper and a saltspoon ground nutmeg. Pour in half gill sherry, add half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley and half a teaspoon chopped chives. Mix well and let slowly boil for ten minutes. Dilute an egg yolk with a tablespoon cream and add it to the sauce, carefully mixing it. Now add the clams, gently mix a little, then heat without boiling for one minute. Pour into a baking dish, sprinkle over a tablespoon Parmesan cheese and bake in the oven for six minutes. Remove and serve.

847. Chicken Croquettes With Flageolets

Carefully pick off all the meat from the turkey left over from yesterday and mince it exceedingly fine. Then proceed to prepare the croquettes exactly the same as per No. 700, substituting the following flageolets for the macedoine:

Open a pint can flageolets, drain and plunge in boiling water for five minutes. Drain again, heat a tablespoon butter in a small saucepan and add the flageolets. Season with half teaspoon salt and two salt-spoons white pepper and let slowly cook for five minutes, frequently tossing them meanwhile. Dress the croquettes on a hot dish, pour a gill hot demi-glace (No. 122) around them, place the flageolets at both ends of the dish and serve.

848. Pear Fritters

Peel, cut in halves, remove the seeds from six ripe, sweet, medium-sized pears, place on a plate, add tablespoon powdered sugar, half a teaspoon ground cinnamon and one tablespoon maraschino, turn well in the seasoning and let infuse for fifteen minutes. Prepare a frying batter as per No. 204. Roll the pears in the batter and drop, one by one, in boiling fat and gently fry for ten minutes, turning with a skimmer occasionally. Lift up, drain on a cloth, lightly trim them, sprinkle over a little powdered sugar, dress on a dish with a folded napkin laid over and serve.