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Cream of Corn, New Orleans

Pampano, Meuniere (1982)

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2235. Cream Of Corn, New Orleans

Remove leaves and silk from six fresh, sound ears of green corn. Detach grains from cobs and place in a saucepan with three ounces peeled, chopped almonds, one sliced onion, two sliced leeks, two branches celery, one branch chervil, one and a half quarts white broth (No. 701), a quart milk, one heavy teaspoon salt, a saltspoon cayenne pepper, one saltspoon grated nutmeg and one saltspoon ground cinnamon; lightly mix and boil twenty-five minutes. Add three ounces rice and cook fifty minutes more. Press the cream through a sieve into a basin, then through a Chinese strainer into a saucepan, add half ounce butter and a gill cream; mix well while heating; two minutes. Pour into a soup tureen and serve with bread croutons (No. 23) separately.