Celery (86) Caviare (59)

Potage, Baraguine

Spanish Mackerel, Bordelaise

Potatoes, Demidoff (898)

Chicken, Wilhelmina String Beans (139)

Prime Ribs of Beef (126) Doucette Salad (189)

Gateau Guadaloupe

2756. Potage, Baraguine

Prepare a consomme (No. 52), strain it into another saucepan, dredge in three ounces of sago, mix well while adding and let boil for fifteen minutes. Cut two ounces smoked beef tongue and one ounce cooked ham in small julienne strips and add to the soup with two tablespoons sherry. Mix well and cook for five minutes, pour the soup into a tureen and serve.

2757. Spanish Mackerel, Bordelaise

Cut the fins, tail and head off a fine, fresh, three-pound Spanish mackerel, split in two through the back, remove spinal bone, season with light teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Arrange fish in a lightly buttered baking dish, cut side downward, sprinkle with six finely chopped shallots and squeeze over juice of half a lemon. Baste with a half ounce very hot melted butter, set in oven for fifteen minutes, then bring it to oven door.

Reduce two gills tomato sauce in a saucepan to half the quantity, then pour it over mackerel, reset in oven for fifteen minutes more, remove and send to table in same dish.

2758. Chicken, Wilhelmina

Cut off head and feet, singe, draw, wipe and truss a tender two-and-a-half-pound chicken, place it in saucepan with a small piece butter, season with teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, and brown it on range until a nice golden colour. Cut two ounces lean raw ham in one-third-inch-square pieces and add to chicken with six very small, peeled, raw potatoes and twelve small white onions. Add also a blade each thyme, and bay leaf, and one "foelie" nutmeg. Sprinkle over a half teaspoon salt, pour in two gills water, cover pan, let briskly cook for five minutes, set it at side of brisk fire and let simmer for one hour. Pour in a half gill sherry and let cook for twenty-five minutes, dress chicken on a large dish, untruss, arrange garnishing around, pour gravy over and serve.

2759. Gateau Guadaloupe

Place four ounces sugar in a bowl with five egg yolks, the grated rind of half a lemon, then whisk to a creamy point. Beat whites of the five eggs to a stiff froth and gradually incorporate yolks, lightly mix with skimmer, then add three ounces pure rice flour, two ounces wett-picked raisins and a half saltspoon salt. Lightly butter a straight-edged pie plate, line bottom with a buttered paper, then drop in preparation, smooth surface and set in oven to bake for twenty-five minutes. Remove, let stand for ten minutes, turn upon table, lift up paper, spread over three tablespoons orange marmalade, then sprinkle one ounce peeled and finely chopped pistachios. Beat up a gill cream to a stiff froth, add tablespoon each powdered sugar and rum, whisk for another minute, neatly spread cream over surface of cake, dress on a dish with folded napkin and serve.