Baked Apples (44) Wheatena (1298)

Eggs Cocotte, Bradshaw

Filet of Sole, Tartare Sauce (487)

Calves' Liver and Bacon (155)

German Fried Potatoes (242)

Cinnamon Cakes (1195)

1427. Eggs Cocotte, Bradshaw

Heat a tablespoon butter in a saucepan, add half a finely chopped onion, half a chopped green pepper, and gently brown for five minutes, occasionally stirring; then add two finely crushed, peeled tomatoes, a half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, one gill broth, two saltspoons salt and three saltspoons sugar. Mix well and let gently cook for fifteen minutes. Divide the sauce evenly into six egg-cocotte dishes, carefully crack two fresh eggs into each dish and season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, evenly divided over them. Pour a teaspoon thick cream over each dish, place them on a tin, set in the oven for five minutes, remove and serve.


Chicken Broth in Cups (578)

Oyster Patties, Bechamel

Entrecotes, Pojarski (914)

Old-fashioned Rice Pudding (140)

1428. Oyster Patties, Bechamel

Prepare and keep hot six patties (No. 929). Plunge thirty-six freshly opened oysters in a pint boiling water with a half teaspoon salt for five minutes, then drain. Mix and heat in a saucepan one ounce butter with an ounce flour, then pour in one gill each hot milk and cream, a half gill of the oyster broth, half teaspoon salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg. Mix well with a whisk until it comes to a boil, add the oysters with two tablespoons sherry, gently mix and cook for five minutes. Place the patties on a hot dish, divide the oysters in them, place the covers on and serve.