Celery (86) Salted Almonds (954)

Bisque of Grouse

Fresh Mackerel, Italienne (1347)

Potatoes Croquettes with Parmesan Cheese

Entrecotes, Sauce Picard

Celery, Genevoise

Roast Capon (378) Escarole Salad (100)

Vanilla Eclairs (1651)

2716. Bisque Of Grouse

Cut head and feet off a fine fat grouse, draw and wipe. Cut breasts in small pieces and thoroughly pound in mortar with two egg yolks to a pulp, remove, place on a plate and keep until required. Cut legs and carcass in small pieces. Cut a carrot, onion, four shallots, bean garlic and two branches celery in slices. Thoroughly heat one ounce butter in a saucepan, add all grouse bones, vegetables, and nicely brown for fifteen minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile. Sprinkle over two tablespoons flour, stir well while heating for two minutes, moisten with a pint each demi-glace (No. 122) and pure tomato juice and three pints broth (No. 701). Add a sprig thyme, bay leaf, clove, teaspoon allspice and half gill sherry. Season with a teaspoon salt, two salt-spoons cayenne and saltspoon grated nutmeg, mix well and let slowly boil for one hour, mixing once in a while. Then add little by little the puree, sharply mix with a wooden spoon while cooking for five minutes, strain the bisque through sieve into a basin, then through Chinese strainer into a soup tureen, and serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

N. B. Any kind of game, such as partridges, pheasants, blackcocks, ptarmigans, wild ducks, etc., can be used in place of the grouse.

2717. Potato Croquettes With Parmesan Cheese

Prepare a brioche potato puree (No. 91), adding to the puree a tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese, thoroughly stir and divide preparation in twelve even parts. Roll them out on a lightly floured table to corklike shape, dip in beaten egg, then lightly roll in grated Parmesan cheese, arrange in frying basket and fry in boiling fat six minutes. Lift up, dress on a dish with a folded napkin, decorate them with a little parsley greens and serve.

2718. Entrecotes, Sauce Picard

Neatly trim and flatten two tender one-and-a-quarter-pound sirloin steaks, season all over with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, and carefully rub them with a tablespoon oil. Arrange on broiler and broil for eight minutes on each side, dress on a hot dish, pour Picard sauce over and serve.

2719. Sauce Picard

Place in a saucepan six finely chopped shallots with half gill good tarragon vinegar. Let reduce on brisk fire until almost dry, being careful not to allow to burn, then pour in one and a half gills demi-glace with one teaspoon cayenne. Mix well, let boil for ten minutes, then add bit by bit a half ounce fresh butter and sharply mix while adding. Sauce is then ready for use.

2720. Celery, Genevoise

Remove stale branches and leaves from three roots fine, fresh, crisp celery, detach branches, thoroughly wash and wipe, then cut in inch pieces. Place them in a saucepan with a two-ounce piece salt pork, white onion with two cloves stuck in it, pint broth, gill water, teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, boil for forty-five minutes, then take up pork and onions. Mix in a saucepan an ounce butter and one and a half ounces flour, strain in celery broth and sharply mix until it comes to a boil. Add celery with a saltspoon each cayenne and grated nutmeg, mix well and let boil for ten minutes. Transfer celery, etc., to baking dish, sprinkle a little Swiss cheese over, set in oven for ten minutes, remove and serve.