Sliced Bananas (151)

Force (979) Eggs, Boxshall

Fried Smelts, Tartare Sauce (47)

Corned Beef Hash au Gratin

Buckwheat Cakes (330)

2721. Eggs, Boxshall

Cut a small, peeled eggplant into six equal slices and trim each slice into round pieces two inches in diameter. Season all over with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, arrange on a lightly buttered tin, baste with a little melted butter, then set in oven for fifteen minutes. Arrange on hot dish, dress a poached egg (No. 106) over each eggplant, pour a soubise sauce (No. 94) over them and serve.

2722. Corned Beef Hash Au Gratin

Finely chop one white onion, place in saucepan with a tablespoon melted butter and brown to a light colour, then add a pound finely chopped, cooked corned beef and half the quantity cold boiled potatoes, also finely chopped. Moisten with a half pint broth (No. 71), season with half teaspoon pepper and saltspoon grated nutmeg, mix well and cover pan. Cook on fire for ten minutes, mixing a little, then set in oven for forty minutes. Remove, dress on a baking dish, sprinkle a little bread crumbs over, baste surface with a little melted butter, set in oven again for fifteen minutes, remove and serve.


Tomato Broth (2059) Little Neck Clam Patties (1232)

Veal Chops, Deleier (829) Stuffed Cabbage, Russian Style

Macedoine Tartlets (602)

2723. Stuffed Cabbage, Russian Style

Trim stale leaves and cut off stalk of a medium cabbage, boil in plenty of water with teaspoon salt for forty-five minutes, remove and place on a sieve to drain for fifteen minutes.

Boil two ounces raw rice in water for ten minutes, drain, then place in a bowl. Remove skin from six country sausages, and add meat to rice with a half teaspoon salt, three saltspoons pepper, saltspoon grated nutmeg, teaspoon chopped parsley, and thoroughly mix with wooden spoon. Carefully pull back leaves from stalk without detaching them, then spread a little force over each leaf, close them up to former position, then wrap cabbage in a cheesecloth, but not too tight. Place it in saucepan with any trimmings of veal, beef or pork at hand, a sliced carrot, sliced onion, two branches parsley, and cover with cold water. Season with a tablespoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, cover pan and let gently cook for an hour and forty-five minutes. Take up cabbage, drain, unwrap, dress on a hot dish and send to table with two gills hot tomato sauce (No. 16) separately.


Oysters (18)

Olives Lyons Sausage (582)

Rice with Curry

Bluefish, Havannaise (1898) Potatoes, Pont Neuf (647)

Virginia Ham Glace with Spinach (1595)

Oyster Plant Poulettes (1129)

. Roast Partridge (97) Chicory Salad (38)

Macaroon Ice Cream (920)

2724. Rice With Curry

Skim fat off broth saved from lunch. If less than two quarts add some white broth, let come to a boil, then add three ounces raw rice. Dilute a teaspoon curry powder in tablespoon water and add to soup, mix well, then boil slowly for forty minutes, remove, pour into a soup tureen and serve.