Celery (86) Sardines (1148)

Vermicellini Tomate

Red Snapper, Hunter Style (1713)

Potatoes Noisettes (321)

Shoulder of Mutton, Flamande

Cucumbers, Bombay

Roast Partridges, Currant Jelly (97)

Doucette Salad (189)

Pudding, Venus (902)

2631. Vermicellini Tomate

Prepare a consomme (No. 52), strain it into another saucepan, let boil for twenty minutes and pour in two gills tomato sauce (No. 16). Break three ounces vermicellini (very small vermicelli) and add to the consomme, then boil for ten minutes, pour consomme* into a soup tureen and send to table with two ounces grated Parmesan cheese separately.

2632. Shoulder Of Mutton, Flamande

Remove blade bone, slightly shorten shank bone, trim a little fat from a tender shoulder of mutton, season all over with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, fold it up and tie with string.

Cut half a small head of white cabbage in quarters, remove the core and stale leaves, boil in water for fifteen minutes, drain on a sieve, cut it in small pieces and keep on a plate. Cut four carrots and four white turnips in halves. Heat in a braising pan a tablespoon leaf lard, add shoulder and brown it for fifteen minutes, turning it once in a while; take up, add cabbage, carrots, turnips, two ounces raw lean bacon cut in half-inch thin square pieces, and season with a half teaspoon each salt and pepper. Lay shoulder on top, moisten with a half pint broth, cover pan, then set in oven for forty-five minutes. Draw pan to oven door, scoop out all you can with a Parisian potato scoop from two large, raw peeled potatoes, add to pan, turn shoulder and reset in oven for forty minutes longer. Remove, take up shoulder, untie, dress cabbage in centre of a large dish, arrange carrots and turnips around sides and potatoes at both ends of dish, place shoulder on top and serve.

2633. Cucumbers, Bombay

Peel four fresh, ripe, medium cucumbers, cut in four lengthwise strips, remove all spongy parts and wipe them nicely. Heat one and a half tablespoons melted butter in a sautoir, add a finely sliced onion and seeded green pepper, fry for ten minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile, and lay the cucumbers over. Season with a light teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon curry powder, pour in one and a half gills cider, boil for five minutes, then set in oven for thirty-five minutes, being careful to baste the cucumbers once in a while. Remove, dress on hot dish, pour entire contents of pan over it, sprinkle a little chopped parsley over all and serve.