The wee shell-fish are comparatively little known in many parts of the United States except as they come in cans. Even in this shape they lend themselves to many pleasing combinations convenient for luncheons and picnics.

Open the cans several hours before they are to be used, turn out the contents into an open bowl, rinse in cold water, drain and set on ice, or in some very cold place.

Buttered Shrimps

Heat two tablespoonfuls of butter in a saucepan; add a tea-spoonful of flour, and, when bubbling hot, a tablespoonful of tomato sauce, paprika and salt to taste, and a teaspoonful of onion juice. Boil one minute and add a can of shrimps, washed and drained. Stir the mixture four minutes over a brisk fire and serve.

Pass thin slices of buttered brown bread with them.

Shrimps En Coquille

Prepare as directed on preceding page, in crabs en coquille, No. 1. They are very good.

Scallop Of Shrimps And Mushrooms

Cook precisely as in recipe on preceding page, for crabs and champignons.

Curried Shrimps

Make a roux of one heaping tablespoonful of butter and a little less flour; thin with one small cupful of boiling water; add an even tablespoonful of best curry powder and one teaspoonful of onion juice. Stir for one minute and add a can of shrimps, washed and drained. Cook five minutes and serve.

Shrimps And Eggs

( A Cuban dish.)

Make a roux of one large tablespoonful of butter and one of flour; when it bubbles add a teaspoonful of onion juice and twice as much green sweet pepper, minced fine, with salt and a salt-spoonful of sugar. Boil up and stir in a can of shrimps, previously washed and drained. Cook for five minutes;remove to the table and mix in gradually, stirring all the time, four eggs which have been beaten just enough to break the yolks, Return to the fire and stir until the eggs begin to "set."

Maryland Terrapin

Boil the terrapin until the skin on the claws is sufficiently soft to rub off at the slightest touch. Take from the shell, and remove every particle of entrails and lungs. Place the meat in a chafing-dish. Add butter, pepper and salt, the quantity of each depending on the quantity of flesh. Let it simmer until the essence and butter reach the consistency of light gravy. Serve hot. If desired, add a little good sherry while eating, but not while cooking. Use no spices, dressing or other ingredients that can detract from the flavor.