A Green And White Dinner

In the springtime you will have no difficulty in finding pale green leaves or delicate ferns with which to grace your table. Blossoms, such as the snow-drop, or the white wood-anemone, may be surrounded by fragile ferns and serve as a dainty floral piece for the middle of the table. Pear blossoms, with their bright green leaves, will form an attractive mass of flowers and foliage. If you have a center-piece and doilies embroidered with green silk, make use of them for this family dinner. If you do not possess such, your plain damask will be entirely in keeping. Your menu may be as follows:

Cream of Spinach Soup

Lamb Chops

Mashed Potatoes, Green Peas

Lettuce Salad

Cocoanut and Citron Layer Cake

Crackers and Sage Cheese


A Pink Dinner

(For Friday.)

The month of June is the time of all the year for a pink dinner, for then the table may be decked with a profusion of pink roses that will delight the heart of the flower-lover. Set a huge bowl of these upon a white, or pink-and-white center-piece, dropping a bud or half-blown rose here and there upon the table-cloth. Have your lights softened by pink shades, and use as much white, or pink-and-white china as you have at your command.

Have the following menu:

Cream of Beet Soup

Boiled Salmon

Potatoes Fried Whole, Tomato Souffle

Beet and Celery Salad

Strawberry Sponge Pink-and-White Cake Crackers and Cheese Coffee

A brown dinner

Need not be a somber array if you will give it in autumn, and study the countless shades of golden-brown, olive-brown, redbrown, greenish-brown, and even the purple-brown of the oak - exquisite and indescribable - which field, forest and fen offer to one who has the true artist's love for color. Decorate your table and the room with autumn leaves, keeping the color scheme in mind all the time. Have brown nuts, and chocolate, and coffee bonbons, and if there be no brown china upon your shelves, see to it that there are no discordant hues.