Bitter Almond Extract

1 pint of alcohol, 1 teacupful of peach meats. Let stand.

Vanilla Extract

pint of alcohol, 8 vanilla beans broken in bits. Let stand a few days.

Lemon Extract

1 pint of alcohol, grated yellow rind of 6 lemons. In a few days, if necessary, add ounce of oil of lemon.

Orange Extract

Prepare same as above, substituting oranges and oil of orange for lemon. These extracts are better and one-half cheaper than those that can be bought.

Dry Flavoring

Grate off the yellow rind of oranges and lemons (separately of course) that are to be used for sherbets, lemonades, etc. Mix the gratings well with four times their weight in powdered sugar, and put into closely corked bottles. This will give two excellent, pure, ever-ready flavorings for cakes, pies, puddings, blanc manges, etc.

Peach pits or meats may be blanched, and fifteen or more of them rubbed to a paste and stirred into a loaf of cake in place of almond extract.

Economical Substitute For Butter

Melt a piece of nice fat pork and strain through a thin cloth into a jar. Set a side where it will cool quickly, when it may be used instead of butter in almost any kind of cake". Pound cake made of it is delicious. Dry sponge cake is' very nice cut in thin slices and toasted delicately. Serve with creams, etc., or turn a boiled custard over them.