GARNISHES in cookery are anything used for decorating dishes of fish, game, poultry, meat, or salad. They may be placed in the form of vines across or around the article on the dish, or in small clusters at either end. A single sprig of green is sometimes sufficient ornamentation. One slice of lemon cut crosswise will answer for a mutton chop, or for a couple of sardines. It should be placed on the top. A sprig of parsley put on a small porter-house steak about midway is very attractive, and almost an appetizer.

The articles most frequently used as garnishes are as follow:

Parsley and celery tops for cold meat, poultry, and fish, and for chops, cutlets, steaks, and salads.

Parsley is used for roasts as well as for the dishes mentioned above.

Parsley or curled lettuce for scalloped oysters.

Lettuce, especially curled, can be used as effectively as parsley.

Lemon is almost a universal garnish. The same may be said of parsley.

Slices of lemon, cut very thin, for sardines, raw oysters, boiled fowl, turkey, fish, roast veal, steaks, salads.

Sheep sorrel may be used with or in place of lemon, and is exceedingly pretty.

Water-cresses may be used for mock duck.

Garden-fennel for mackerel or salmon.

Capers for salads.

Currant jelly for game, cold tongue, etc.

Gherkins, or large pickles cut crosswise, for cold corned beef sliced.

Cold hard-boiled eggs - sliced - for cold boiled ham cut in thin slices.

Link sausages for roast turkey, put around the edge of the platter.

Anchovies may be used as a garnish for cold meats.

Different-colored vegetables may be sliced or cut in dice, and placed around almost any dish of meat or fish.

Boiled carrot sliced, for boiled beef.

Beets, pickled and sliced, for cold meat, boiled beef, salt fish.

Potato croquettes, or Saratoga potatoes, may be used with a roast or sirloin of beef.

Boiled rice is used on the platter around a boiled leg of mutton.

Boiled rice colored with cochineal is a pretty garnish.

Boiled rice in balls, dotted with bright jelly, has a pretty effect around a plate of cold meat.

Anchovies on toast furnish a nice relish.

Those who are fortunate enough to have a garden, may always find something green for a garnish or decoration.

Smilax is a pretty table decoration. It is placed entirely around the edge of the table cloth, before raw oysters are served, after which it is removed. Wreathed over and about a dish of fruit, it is extremely pleasing to the eye.

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