Skin them as soon as possible. The hind legs are usually the only part used, although the back is good eating. Fry or broil the same as chickens - or fricassee them.

Terrapin Or Turtle

Plunge the turtle while yet alive into boiling water. When life is extinct, remove the outer skin and the toe-nails. Then rinse well, and boil in salted water until perfectly tender. Then take off the shells, remove the gall and sand-bag carefully, and clean the terrapin thoroughly. Next cut the meat and entrails into small pieces, saving all the juice, put into a saucepan without water and season to your taste with salt, cayenne, and black pepper. Add for each terrapin, butter the size of an egg made smooth with a tablespoon of flour. A few tablespoons of cream should be added last. Many persons add the yolks of 3 or 4 hard-boiled eggs just before serving. While cooking it should be stirred very often - and must be dished up and eaten very hot.