Steamed Coffee

John McGovern, Chicago.

Have a tinner make an inside can something like a "plug hat," with a rim to fit any common, large coffee-pot. On the inside of the pot, a little below the top, set out 4 tin shoulders to catch the rim of the inside can as it is set down into the pot. The bottom of the inside can should almost touch the bottom of the pot. Put the required amount of coffee and water in this inside can. Then hang the can in about 3 inches of boiling water in the pot. It will cook in about 20 minutes, the same as oatmeal is cooked, and is done when the grounds sink.

Dripped Coffee

Mrs. M. W. Callahan, Tangipahoa, La.

Provide yourself with a dripper. It should be 2/3 the size of the coffee-pot, to drip well. Put the amount of ground coffee required in the bottom of the dripper. Be sure that the water is actually boiling, and do not pour on the water until you are ready to serve it. Scald the coffee-pot, and pour in the upper part of the dripper as many cups of water as you wish coffee, and an extra half cup. See that the dripper fits tightly, and has a tight cover. Never let the coffee boil, and do not let it stand and get cold. Stir sugar and cream well together in the cup, and pour in the coffee. Do not stir after the coffee is in the cup, as it makes it stale.

Coffee For Festivals

Put the ground coffee into flannel bags, each holding half a pound, and sew up tightly. When the first coffee is wanted, put as much water in a wash-boiler as will be required; when it boils throw in a couple of the bags and steep long enough to extract the strengh. Then take out. Add boiling water when necessary, and throw in another bag, letting it remain as before. In this way, by removing the old and adding the new, the beverage will be kept aromatic as well as strong, and the bitterness of long-boiled coffee prevented.

Vienna Coffee

Make your coffee in your usual way. Put one quart of cream into an oatmeal cooker, or, if you have none, into a pitcher in a kettle of boiling water. Keep the water boiling. Beat the white of an egg to a froth, put with it 3 tablespoons cold milk, mix well and add to the cream after removing from the fire. Stir briskly for a minute and serve in the coffee cups with the coffee.

Rye Coffee

Wash and roast until the kernel is very brown. Grind it and steep as other coffee.

Cream Substitute

Take fresh milk, put it in an oatmeal cooker, or in a pail set in a kettle of boiling water. Let cook a long time, stirring often until it becomes rich and creamy. The yolk of an egg beaten well, and a pint of the heated milk poured over it gives it a still richer consistence.