"Except the water boiling be, Filling the tea-pot spoils the tea."

After scalding the tea-pot, put in a teaspoon of tea for one person, but of course a less proportion if for many persons. Pour less than a cup of actually boiling and freshly-boiled water on. Let steep on the back of the stove a short time, and fill up the required amount with boiling water. Japan tea is better for families whose meals are kept waiting. Its flavor is not injured by long standing as much as many other teas. If tea boils, the tannic acid is extracted and acts with very bad effects on the coats of the stomach. Black tea is generally regarded as wholesome. It should steep 10 or 15 minutes; green tea, about 3 minutes.

Iced Tea

It is better to put the tea in cold water and set in the icebox the morning of the day it is to be used for supper. The flavor is better than if steeped in hot water.