Scrape fine about one square of a cake, add it to an equal quantity of sugar; put these into a pint of boiling milk and water (half and half) and stir constantly for 2 or 3 minutes. Some prefer boiling to minutes.

Egg Chocolate

Allow about 1 egg to 2 cups. Prepare this chocolate as above, and the last thing pour it over the well-beaten yolks of the eggs, and at the same time have the whites beaten to a stiff froth and put a little on top of each cup (very hot) and serve.

Breakfast Cocoa

Put a teaspoon of the powder into a breakfast cup, add a tablespoon of boiling water and mix thoroughly. Then add equal parts of boiling water and boiled milk, and sweeten to taste. Let it boil a couple of minutes.

Cocoa Shells

Take about 2 ounces of the shells and pour 3 pints of boiling water over them. Boil rapidly half an hour. Serve like coffee.

A Freezing Mixture

Put 2 ounces refined niter in a stone bottle. Nearly fill the bottle with hot water (spring water if you can get it).

Cork the bottle and let it down in a well or cistern. In 2 or 3 hours it will be frozen and the bottle must be broken.

Leave room at the top for about a pint.

Bottled Soda-Water

One quart water, 2 pounds white sugar, 1 ounce tartaric acid, 1/2 ounce essence, 2 lemons, 2 eggs beaten, 1 tablespoon flour. Strain, bottle, and shake every day for a week. When you wish a glass of soda-water, take 1/3 cream, § water, and add 1/2 teaspoon soda; stir, and drink immediately. You can use sassafras, winter-green, or any other essence you wish. Some prefer to flavor it to taste when preparing it to drink. Be sure to use bicarbonate of soda, and buy it of a druggist.

Cream Nectar

Three pounds white sugar, 2 ounces tartaric acid, put into a quart of soft water over night. Then stir in the well-beaten whites of 3 eggs. Use any flavoring desired. Bottle, and keep in a cool place. Three tablespoons of it to I glass ice-water. Soda enough to make it effervesce. After one trial you can determine the amount of soda. The soda should be put into the water first.

Cream Soda

Mrs. Hattie A. Harris, Clinton, Iowa.

It is an effervescent drink, and much pleasanter, I think, than soda-water. Two ounces tartaric acid, 2 pounds white sugar, juice of 1 lemon, 3 pints water; boil together 5 minutes; when nearly cold, add, after beating together, the whites of 3 eggs, 1/2 cup flour, and 1/2 ounce of essence of winter-green. Some other essence may be used if preferred. After being well mixed, bottle and keep in a cool place. For a drink of this, take 2 tablespoons of the syrup to 1 tumbler of water, and add 1/4 teaspoon soda. Drink quickly.

Ginger Nectar

Ten gallons water, 15 pounds loaf sugar, whites of 6 eggs well beaten and strained; mix all together, then boil and skim. Put in 1/2 pound of ginger, boil 20 minutes.

When cool, put in the juice and rind of 4 or 5 lemons, also 2 tablespoons of good yeast, stir well together, bottle and cork tight.