"Those who know the French capital will readily recall the delightfully refreshing and almost picturesque appearance along the Boulevards of innumerable balls of what appears to be frozen snow in elegantly-shaped and scrupulously clean water-bottles, or carafes. These carafes frappees, as they are called, are supplied to restaurants all over Paris by a company, at a charge which is a little more than nominal. They are brought around in carts with the regularity of the post, and are renewed sufficiently often to enable restaurants of the largest clientele to supply their customers with water brought down to the temperature of ice".

Ball Of Ice In A Bottle

"It was in the Cafe de la Paix that I saw him thus, and his strange appearance attracted my attention. On the marble slab before him stood an empty coffee glass and a carafe frappee. It had puzzled him; it puzzled me once. I have heard many and various explanations given which were far from being satisfactory. A lady of my acquaintance opined, and opines still, for all I know, that the bottles were made round the ice. another, a scoffer, that the ice wasn't ice at all, but ground glass; others that it is an optical illusion, and so on. But after all it is a very simple matter, and as easy of comprehension as is the manufacture of ice-cream, only that in this case the bottle must be filled three-quarters only, and be of tough glass, to minimize the chances of a very animated 'bust'".