"The centre of attraction in the dining room was the long white damasked table, about which the thirty-eight guests of the evening sat with the President and Miss Cleveland. The gilded central plateau, which ran almost its entire length, had its upright edges twined with smilax, and its central ornament was an immense floral globe fully ten feet in circumference. It revolved under a square support and upright frame, and was set so high that it did not obstruct the view across the table. The land surface was marked by solid clusters of carnations in red, white, pink, and scarlet. The oceans were represented by the lapped leaves of shining camellias, and the bays, rivers, and small streams were marked by tiny strands of smilax. The square-framed support was garlanded in smilax, and above it was a single star in red immortelles. The globe almost rested on a field of bon silene roses, set in a mass of smilax. Two ships rode at anchor on the mirrored surface of the plateau, their hulls made of pink and white carnations. The bow was filled with Catharine Mermet roses, and the stern freighted with Parma violets. The rigging was twined with smilax.

Two overflowing gilded vases of Marechal Niel and bon silene roses marked the extreme ends of the table, and flat bouquets the added corners that accommodated four extra guests. A sea bass enveloped in jelly rode proudly in a chariot drawn by sea nymphs, and round fancifully arranged moulds of pate defoie gras were the French chefs contributions to the beauty of the table".