"The ball to the Princess Louise and the Marquis of Lome at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, brought out the elite, and, as it was the farewell to the Queen's daughter, more than ordinary attention was paid to it. Decorations in the floral way from Boston, the rarest flowers from hot-houses, and all that decorative artists from New York could devise was done to make the ball room attractive. The ball room was magnificent, and, in fact, the Windsor Hotel never looked so gay. The scarlet and black of the infantry and blue and gold of the cavalry and the stately dress black, with the hundred and one shades of silk and satins worn by the ladies, together with the flashing of diamonds, gave the grand promenade a bewildering appearance. Soon after the dancers had entered the room, Princess Louise entered upon the arm of the Marquis, and they took places upon a dais. The Princess wore a white brocade cape overdress trimmed with crimson velvet flowers, a rich diamond necklace and head-dress of diamonds, simplicity itself. She looked very beautiful. The noticeable feature of the ladies' toilet was the absence of low neck and few floral head-dresses, and diamonds were generally worn in their place.

There were many celebrities present"

Tens Of Thousands Of Flowers

A Boston florist, who was engaged to furnish part of the floral decorations for the Princess Louise ball at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, had them transported in a special car. There were: 20,000 roses, 20,000 carnations of different colors, 1,000 spikes of tube roses, 500 bunches of violets, 1,000 sprays of heliotrope, 2,000 strings of smilax, and 2,000 yards of English laurel.