"One piece was a game pie of pheasants, the pie resting on a flat surface of wax, the entire piece upheld with deer's antlers. The sides of the pie were trimmed with quails. Underneath were two rabbits playing cards, while to the side of the players was a bridge, under which gleamed a lake of water with goldfish swimming about, "Another was a fruit dish in wax, in which were placed imitation eggs and potted reed birds.

"Another piece was a fillet of beef, with a garniture of vegetables of all kinds resting on the shoulders of a Hercules; on either side were placed some cupids, the figures being of wax and very cleverly executed.

"One of the most artistic pieces was a two-foot salmon, resting in a wax boat, while on the back of the fish sat a cupid; the boat was supported by a Neptune at each end, seated in sea shells and driving sea horses before them in a lake of real water~ in which fish were swimming around.

"A fine piece was a flying Mercury poised upon a ham, the ham being finely ornamented with a delicate tracing of truffles.

"About midnight the following artistic supper was served:"

Menu Du Souper

Consomml en tasse Hultres a la poulette.

Croquettes de volaille Bouchers a la reine.

Terrapin a la Maryland Canvas-back duck.

Galatine de chapon.

Filet de boeuf, jardiniere.

Aspic de foie-gras, belle vue.

Chaudfroid de mauviettes Pate de gibier, chasseur.

Pate de Strasbourg, naturel.

Saumon a la Vatel Jambon a la gelde.

Salade de poulet Salade de homard.

Voliere de cailles Sandwiches varies.

Charlotte moderne.

Gelee macedoine auz fruits Glacis assorties.