"The energetic proprietor of the White Horse Hotel, Romsey, and the Tregonwell Arms, at Bournemouth, recently carried out a large job in the catering line. On the occasion of the great Liberal Fete at Tem-plecombe, on the 1st inst., he was entrusted with the purveying for the Bournemouth Division, consisting of some 3,000 persons, each one of whom was to be supplied with 8 oz. meat, 8 oz. bread, and 2 oz. cheese, at 1s. 6d. (36c.) per head. Two tents were provided, and tables arranged to seat 350 and 550 at a time respectively; the former was filled four times, and the latter thrice in succession, and the whole of this large assemblage was efficiently attended to by a staff of seventy waiters, carvers, etc.; 1,525 lbs. of cooked beef, mutton, chicken, and ham, 1,525 lbs. of bread, and 6,100 oz. of cheese were consumed, the whole of the viands being cut up into portions on the day of the feast".