Broiled Steak

Trim the steak free from all suet. Put the meat plate to warm. Grease the broiler and put it to heat. See that the fire is clear and free from gas. Now put the steak in the hot broiler and place it over the fire; turn constantly. It will take eight minutes to broil if the steak is three-quarters of an inch thick. When done, place it on the hot plate, dredge it with salt and pepper; turn it and season the other side. Serve immediately.

Never attempt to broil a tough steak; if you should be so unfortunate as to buy one, use it for some made dish, as hacking or hammering bruises the meat, and allows all the juices to escape.

Broiled Fillet

Cut a fillet of beef into slices about an inch thick; moisten them with melted butter or olive oil, and let stand for half an hour; then place them on a broiler and broil over a quick fire five minutes, turning them two or three times. Place them on a hot plate, season with salt and pepper, pour tomato sauce around, and serve.

Beefsteak Smothered In Onions

Cut one dozen onions into slices; fry a quarter-pound of salt pork or bacon until all the fat is tried out, then take out the crackling; into this hot fat put the onions; fry and stir for twenty minutes over a good fire; then add a tea-spoonful of salt, a dash of black pepper, and one cup of boiling water; place over a more moderate fire to simmer for half an hour. By this time the water should have entirely evaporated, and the onions should be a nice brown. Have ready a broiled steak, place it in the pan with the onions, cover it over the top with some of them, and stand in the oven for five minutes; then place the steak on a hot dish, heap the onions over and around, and serve.

Hamburg Steaks

One pound of steak from the upper side of the round; chop it very fine, add to it a tablespoonful of onion juice, half a teaspoonful of salt, and two dashes of black pepper; mix well together. Moisten the hands in cold water, take two tablespoonfuls of this mixture and form with the hands into small round cakes or steaks. This quantity will make eight Hamburg steaks. Put two tablespoonfuls of butter into a frying-pan; when hot, put in the steaks, fry brown on one side, turn and brown the other. Now place them on a hot dish, add a tablespoonful of flour to the butter remaining in the pan, mix until smooth, add a half-pint of boiling water, stir constantly until it boils; add salt and pepper to taste, and pour it over the steaks.

Or they maybe broiled same as a plain steak, seasoned with salt and pepper, and spread with butter.

How To Pan A Beefsteak

When there are no conveniences for broiling (and we never fry a steak), heat an iron pan very hot, put in the steak, turn it from side to side over a very hot fire for about fifteen minutes. The steak should be about three-quarters of an inch in thickness. Serve on a hot plate, seasoned the same as broiled steak.