Boiled Beets

Wash carefully, but do not cut or scrape them. If the skin is broken before cooking, they lose their flavor and color in the boiling water. Young beets will cook tender in one hour. Old ones will require four hours. If very tough and wilted they will never become tender. When done, throw them into a pan of cold water and quickly rub off the skins. Cut them in slices, pour over them a tablespoonful of melted butter, dust with salt and pepper, and they are ready to serve.

The cold ones left over may be covered with cold vinegar and used as pickles.


Pick off the leaves and cut the stalk close to the bottom of the bunch. Lay in cold water half an hour. Tie it in a cheese-cloth to prevent breaking; put into a kettle of salted boiling water, and boil rapidly twenty minutes. Take it out carefully, untie the cheese-cloth, lay the broccoli in a hot dish, pour over it a half-pint of Cream Sauce, and it is ready to serve.

Brussels Sprouts

1 quart of sprouts 1 tablespoonful of salt

1/2 gallon of water

Pick off all the dead leaves from the sprouts, wash them in cold water, then put them into the water, which must be boiling, add the salt and a quarter-teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda. Boil rapidly, with the saucepan uncovered, twenty minutes, then drain in a colander, and serve in a heated dish with a sauceboat of Drawn Butter.