How To Boil A Ham

Wash the ham well in cold water. To do this thoroughly, you should use a small scrubbing-brush. Put it into a large boiler nearly filled with cold water, add a blade of mace, six cloves, and a bay leaf. Place it over a slow fire, that it may heat gradually. It should not come to boil for at least two hours. Then skim carefully, and simmer gently fifteen minutes to every pound, from the time it begins to simmer. When done, allow it to cool in the liquor in which it was boiled. Then remove the rind carefully without cutting the fat. Brush it over with beaten egg, and sprinkle with dried bread crumbs; place in a quick oven for about fifteen minutes to brown. Serve it cold, garnished with parsley. Ornament the shank bone with a paper frill.

Or,- To Serve Hot

Remove the skin as soon as it is done, and, while yet hot, brush it over with beaten egg, sprinkle with dried bread crumbs, and put in the oven to brown and crisp. When brown, dish; trim the shank bone with a frill of paper, garnish the edge of the dish with parsley and vegetable flowers, and serve with it asparagus, peas, or cauliflower.

Ham Boiled In Cider

Wash the ham as directed, cover it with cold water, and soak for twenty-four hours, then wipe dry. Put it in a porcelain-lined kettle, more than cover it with cider, and simmer gently fifteen minutes to every pound. When done, allow it to cool in the liquor in which it was boiled. When cold, remove the skin carefully, and with a dry cloth sop the fat to make it perfectly dry. Cut carrots and beets, that have been boiled tender, into fancy shapes, with vegetable cutters or a French knife, place them tastefully over the ham. Garnish with squares of aspic jelly, parsley, and olives. This is delicious.

How To Bake A Ham

Wash a medium-sized ham as directed; soak it for twenty-four hours in cold water, changing the water three or four times. Now trim away the rusty parts from underneath, and wipe it dry. Make a thick paste with flour and water only; cover the flesh side of the ham with this paste, place it in a baking-pan, the skin side down, and bake in a moderate oven twenty-five minutes for every pound, basting with sherry wine every ten minutes, until you have used a half-pint; then baste with the dripping in the pan. When done, take off the crust carefully, and peel off the skin. Trim the shank bone with a frill of paper. With a dredging-box sprinkle the fat of the ham over with raspings of rolls or bread, and serve with champagne sauce. Garnish with pickled beets cut into fancy shapes, olives, and parsley.

This is just as good as it sounds; a little troublesome, but one is well paid.

Broiled Ham

Have your ham cut into slices about a half-inch thick, trim off the rind and rusty edge. Place on a broiler, and broil over or before a clear fire for eight minutes, turning two or three times. When done, spread very lightly with butter, dust with pepper, and serve at once on a heated dish.