Baked Hash No. 1

1 pint of chopped cooked meat 1 pint of chopped raw potatoes 1/2 pint of gravy or water 1 tablespoonful of butter, melted Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together, turn into a mould, and bake in a moderate oven one hour.

Baked Hash No. 2

1 quart of cold cooked beef, chopped fine

2 eggs

1 pint of chopped uncooked potatoes Salt and pepper

Put the chopped potatoes in a stewing-pan with one pint of water. Let them stew five minutes, then add the meat, and enough water to make the mixture moist. Stew ten minutes longer. Take from the fire, add the eggs (beaten), a teaspoonful of salt, and three dashes of black pepper. Turn it into a baking-dish and bake twenty minutes in a quick oven.

Corned Beef Hash

1 pint of cooked corned beef, chopped fine 1 pint of cold boiled potatoes, chopped fine

1 tablespoonful of butter 1 teaspoonful of onion juice 1 cup of stock or water 3 dashes of pepper

Mix the meat and potatoes together, put them in a frying-pan, add the stock, butter, onion juice, and pepper; stir constantly until it boils. Serve on buttered toast.

Plain Hash

Take any pieces left from cold roasts, steaks, or stews, chop very fine. To every quart of this meat allow

1 onion

1 tablespoonful of butter

2 hard-boiled eggs 1/2 pint of hot water

Salt and pepper to taste.

Chop the onion and hard-boiled eggs very fine, then put them with the meat into a stewing-pan; add the butter, salt, and pepper. Stew and stir over a very slow fire for fifteen minutes.

Hash On Toast

Cut pieces of cold meat into small squares; to every pint of these squares allow one tablespoonful of butter, one tablespoonful of flour, and a half-pint of boiling water.

Put the butter into a frying-pan, and, when a nice brown, add the flour; mix well; add the water, and stir until it boils; now add the meat; salt and pepper to taste. Place on a moderate fire, and let simmer for fifteen minutes. Toast squares of bread, butter them, and place on a hot dish. Put the meat on the toast, and pour the sauce around it.

Boston Brown Hash

Chop any remains of steaks, roasts or stews very fine. Grease deep pie-dishes. Put a layer of mashed potatoes (cold ones, left over, will answer) in the bottom of the dish, then a layer of meat, then a layer of stale bread crumbs; sprinkle with salt and pepper; place here and there a few bits of butter, and moisten with a half-cup of beef gravy, then another layer of potatoes. Dip a knife into milk and smooth over the top. Bake in a moderate oven about a half hour, until a nice brown. Serve hot.


1 pint of cold cooked meat, chopped fine 1/2 small onion 2 tablespoonfuls of butter 1 cup of milk

2 ounces of bread 8 sweet almonds

3 eggs

1 teaspoonful of curry powder

Put the butter in a frying-pan, slice into it the onion, and fry until a nice brown; add the bread and milk; take from the fire and let stand ten minutes. Blanch and chop the almonds very fine; add these, the meat, the curry, and the eggs, well beaten, to the ingredients in the frying-pan; mix all well together. Rub a deep pie-dish with butter and the juice of a lemon; put the mixture into this, and bake in a moderate oven about twenty minutes. Serve with boiled rice in a separate dish.