Oyster Patties

1 batch of puff paste

1 pint of milk or cream

1 tablespoonful of corn-starch

25 nice fat oysters 1 tablespoonful of butter Salt and pepper to taste

Roll out the puff paste about an inch thick. Then, with a round tin cutter, cut out a patty, and lay it on a greased tin sheet. Brush it lightly over the top with the beaten yolk of an egg, being careful not to allow any of the yolk to run down the sides, as it cements the edges together and prevents it from being light; then take a cutter, two sizes smaller, and press it in the centre and neatly through the patty, and so on until you have the whole cut. Now put them on the ice for a half-hour, or until the oven is very hot (4000 Fahr.). Then bake about twenty minutes, or until a nice brown. The inside cut acts as a non-conductor, and prevents the heat from reaching the centre, consequently all the paste inside this ring should be unbaked. Now remove the lid crust carefully, and save it for the lid of the patty. Take out this unbaked portion with a spoon. Put the patties back in the oven for ten minutes; leave the door open, as they only want a little drying. Now put the oysters on to boil, in their own liquor; as soon as they boil, drain them. Put the milk or cream on to boil in a farina boiler. Rub the butter and corn-starch together until smooth, and add to the boiling milk or cream; stir until it boils, add salt and pepper, and last, the oysters; let boil up again, and take from the fire.

How To Fill The Patties

Put two oysters and a little sauce in each one, put on the lid, and serve.

For what to do with the unbaked paste, see remarks "What to Save, and How to Use It."