A good piece of beef well corned, then well boiled, is a most excellent dish.

Put it into the pot with enough cold water to just cover it. When it cornes to a boil, set it on the back of the range, so that it will boil moderately. Too fast boiling renders meat tough, yet the water should never be allowed to cease boiling until the meat is done; skim often. Let it boil at least four or five hours, according to its size. It must be thoroughly done. In England, where this dish is an especial favorite, car-rots are always boiled and served with the beef. The carrot flavor improves the meat, and the meat improves the carrot Do not put the carrots into the pot, however, until there is only time for them to become thoroughly cooked before serving (about three-quarters of an hour). Serve the carrots around the beef.

In America, cabbage is oftener boiled with corned beef. This is very nice also. If cabbage is used, add at the same time one or two little red peppers. When about to serve, press out all the water from the cabbage, adding little pieces of butter. Serve the meat placed in the centre of the cabbage.

Little pickles are a pretty garnish for corned beef, with or without the vegetables.