Slamming the oven door will often cause a cake to become heavy.

A little flour sprinkled over buttered paper in cake tins prevents cakes sticking.

When creaming butter and sugar for cake, if the butter is pressed through a perforated potato masher, it is done very easily and satisfactorily.

Stale cake may be freshened by immersing quickly in cold milk and placing immediately in the oven for a few moments.

A wooden toothpick is good for testing cakes in the oven. If the wood comes out perfectly dry, the cake is done.

Raisins should be washed a day before using, placed in a wire basket and plunged quickly in a dish of boiling water. Spread on a platter or towel and dry.

Flavoring can be sprinkled over the cake dough after it is in the pan, in case of the flavoring being forgotten till then.

Stirring in lightly is usually the same as "folding" in. If a pan of water is placed in the oven your cake will never burn.

A piece of paper placed across the top of a pan of cake when first set in the oven, will prevent it from rising unevenly.

To remove a cake inclined to stick to the pan after baking, set the tin immediately on a thick cloth wrung from hot water and after five minutes, the cake can be turned out without breaking.

Chopped nut meats may be added to almost any cake, for a change.

Pour one-half the batter to fruit cake into the pan before adding the fruit, stirring fruit into the batter left in the mixing bowl, then pouring the mixture over that already in the pan, and fruit will not all sink to the bottom.

A cake without butter must be baked in a quick oven. Fruit cakes and most dark cakes should bake slowly.

If sour milk is used in baking, use one-half teaspoonful of soda to each cupful. If sweet milk is used, baking powder is the usual accompaniment, and should be one and a half teaspoonfuls baking powder to each cupful of flour.

Ornamenting Cakes

Crystallized mint leaves and violets and candied fruits can be formed into most artistic decorations for cakes. To fasten candles on cakes, push a hot hat pin or knitting needle in the bottom of candle, remove and put a wooden toothpick in while wax is soft. After the wax hardens around the pick the candle may be easily placed in position on the cake.