How To Remove Grease From All Fabrics

1 pint deodorized benzine 1 oz. alcohol

1 oz. spirits of ammonia

Shake well, apply with a sponge and rub. When dry, press with a slightly warm iron.

How To Clean All Fabrics

3 drachms sulphuric ether 3 drachms chloroform

6 drachms alcohol 1 quart gasoline

Let the articles to be cleaned remain in the fluid from one to twelve hours. If small pieces are to be cleaned, immerse them in the mixture in a glass fruit jar with the top screwed tightly. Laces, feathers, silks, woolens, etc., clean beautifully in this.

How To Clean Carpets

2 buckets lukewarm rain water 1 oz. borax 1 1/2 bars naphtha soap 1 oz. cleaning soda

1 oz. Fuller's earth

Scrub the mixture on the carpet with a scrubbing brush, and wipe dry with clean cloths.

How To Clean Wall Paper

1 quart cold water 10c worth oil of sassafras

1 1/4 cupfuls aqua ammonia 2 teaspoonfuls salt

1 teaspoonful soda

Mix, and add flour till stiff enough to drop from spoon.

Cook in a covered pail set in a kettle of boiling water, stirring often, till done. If the mixture does not stick to the hands when cool, it is done, and can be kneaded into loaves. Rub the wall with pieces of the loaf, using the pieces over and over. Keep the loaves covered when not using.