How To Clean White Satin

To dry-clean white satin, use dried bread crumbs finely sifted, mixed with an equal quantity of pulverized blue. Spread over the satin, let remain an hour or two, and brush off with a piece of soft clean linen. If gold or silver trimmings are on the satin, use a piece of clean white velveteen for brushing.

How To Wash White Satin

Use Ivory soap suds in lukewarm water, rinse in lukewarm water, and press on the wrong side.

Silks, satins and velvets may often be cleaned by using gasoline and corn meal, cleaning a small space at a time and rubbing with a soft clean cloth. By adding little salt, the gasoline will never leave a mark around edges.

How To Clean Silk Gowns

Grate a large raw potato to each quart of soft water necessary to wash the dress. Cover the potatoes well with cold water, let stand two days without moving, pour off the clear water carefully into the tub or large pail in which the dress is to be washed, and dip the pieces up and down till clean. Do not wring, but hang out to drip nearly dry, when the pieces should be laid flat and wiped on both sides, and pressed between soft cloths or paper.