Quick Cucumber Pickles

1 quart vinegar 1/2 cupful salt

1 cupful olive oil 1 oz. white mustard seed cucumbers

Wash cucumbers, put in glass jars and pour the well mixed ingredients over them. Cover, and allow to stand for a week before using.

Small Cucumber Pickles

Wash and wipe four quarts small green cucumbers, put in a stone jar and add one cupful of salt dissolved in two quarts of boiling water, and let stand three days. Drain off this brine, heat it to boiling point, pour over the cucumbers, let stand a second three days, drain, heat and pour over and let stand for a third three days. Then drain, wipe the cucumbers, and pour over them one gallon of boiling water in which one tablespoonful of alum is dissolved. Let stand six hours and drain from alum water. Mix the following:

1 gallon vinegar 2 sticks of cinnamon

4 red peppers 2 tablespoonfuls allspice

2 tablespoonfuls cloves

Boil these ingredients for ten minutes, then take one-fourth of it and boil with the cucumbers, a few at a time for ten minutes, putting the pickles as fast as boiled, into a stone jar. Strain the other three-fourths of the mixture over pickles in jar.

Dill Pickles

Wash cucumbers and lay in water over night. Next morning pack tightly in jars and fill the spaces between the pickles with dill. Make a brine of three quarts water, one quart vinegar and one cupful salt, boil together and pour while hot over the pickles and seal. Dill may be added to suit the taste.

French Pickles

1 peck green tomatoes 6 onions

1 cupful salt

2 lbs. brown sugar

2 tablespoonfuls cinnamon 2 tablespoonfuls mustard

2 quarts water

4 quarts vinegar

2 tablespoonfuls clovei

2 tablespoonfuls ginger

2 tablespoonfuls allspice

1 teaspoonful cayenne pepper

Slice tomatoes and onions, sprinkle with the salt and let stand over night. Next morning, drain, add two quarts of water and one quart of vinegar, boil fifteen minutes and drain. Then add the remaining two quarts of vinegar and the other ingredients and boil twenty minutes and set away in a covered crock, or seal in jars.