Curried Eggs


I oz. Curry Powder. I tablespoonful Vinegar. I teaspoonful Sugar. teaspoonful Salt.

About pint of rich Stock.

I large Onion, cut small, fried in butter.

6 Eggs.

I oz. Butter.

Rub to a paste curry powder, vinegar, sugar, etc. Mix with the stock; simmer this mixture well; break the eggs into it; let it simmer till done, like poached eggs. Serve quickly. Makes a nice breakfast or lunch dish. Time, about twenty minutes in all. For four or five people.

Egg Flip. Our Own Recipe. - H. D


1 bottle of Madeira, or any Light Wine. I pint Water.

5 Eggs.

5 tablespoonfuls of Sugar.

Some Cinnamon.

12 Cloves.

A very little Nutmeg.

Mull the wine, spices, and sugar; add boiling water. Whisk in a punch-bowl the five eggs to a good froth. Four in gradually the mulled wine, steaming hot; stir all the while. Put into tumblers and drink. Most excellent mixture for cold winter nights. This will make half-a-dozen tumblers.

Italian Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs, cut in two, the yolks to be taken out, minced, and mixed with very finely minced cooked bacon, and some chopped parsley; put back into the whites arranged on a dish. Serve with mayonnaise dressing. To be eaten cold.

Poached Eggs

Eggs for poaching should be fresh, but not new-laid, or the whites will not set. A stale egg will not poach. The best are about thirty-six hours old. Strain boiling water into a deep, clean frying-pan. Break the egg into a cup, without damaging the yolk. When the water boils, gently slip the egg into it. Keep the water gently simmering till the white looks nicely set; take up gently with a slice. Serve on toasted bread or slices of ham on spinach. (In slipping the egg into the water keep the cup over it for half a minute, so as to gather the whites together.) In doing eggs in a frying-pan never do more than four or five at a time. If liked, mix one tablespoonful of vinegar in the water in which you poach, one pint for an ordinary-sized frying-pan. Time, two and a half or three and a half minutes.

Scratched Eggs. A Favourite Colonial Breakfast Dish

Take five or six eggs, whisk them well together; take a dessertspoonful of butter in a frying-pan, let it get quite hot. Stir in the eggs; keep stirring briskly over the fire till done. Serve on hot buttered toast with pepper and salt.

Snow Eggs


4 Eggs, 1 pint Milk.

Sugar to taste.

Vanilla Bean, or Essence.

Make a rich custard of the yolks; then whisk the whites. Flavour with vanilla and sweeten. Take a tablespoonful at a time of the white froth and drop into boiling milk, turning carefully; then take it out and put it on a glass dish - go on till you have done all. Now pour the rich custard into the dish, not over the snow. This makes a pretty, cool-looking supper dish.