I lb. Rice.

3 Eggs.

3 spoonfuls Flour.

3 dessertspoonfuls Melted Butter.



Boil the rice as if for curry, only not quite so dry; let it cool; mix with flour, eggs, and butter; roll in sugar-loaf shapes (about eight or nine from this quantity), dust with flour, and put into boiling water. When done, it rises to the top. Serve with sugar and cinnamon. Time about ten minutes.

In most Cape Dutch houses this dish is eaten with meat, and generally made when a corned brisket of beef is boiled. Instead of mixing melted butter with the rice, some of the fat is taken from the stock in which the beef is boiling; and when the dumplings are ready, the meat is taken out about ten minutes before dinner, and the dumplings are boiled in the stock, and served with sugar. Whether from the German or Dutch, most colonists who are not of English parentage are very fond of sweet things with meat - such as stewed fruit, sweet potatoes, or parsnips done with sugar.

Rice Dumplings. Cape

Take one pound of rice, let it boil quite soft, then allow it to cool Stir in half a pound of flour, a spoonful of butter, two eggs. Make into dumplings with a spoon; boil in the soup in which a brisket of beef has been boiled. Can be eaten with meat, or served as a pudding with sugar and cinnamon. Time, half an hour to boil the rice, and twenty minutes the dumpling.