Chocolate Puffs

Mrs. O. L. Parker.

One pound sugar sifted, one of chocolate chopped very fine; mix together; beat the white of an egg, and stir in your chocolate and sugar; continue to beat until stiff paste ; sugar your paper, drop them on it, and bake in a slow oven.

Cream Puffs

Mrs. Watson Thatcher.

One and one-half cups of flour, two-thirds of a cup of butter, one-half pint of boiling water; boil butter and water together, and stir in the flour while boiling; let it cool, and add five well-beaten eggs; drop on tins, and bake thirty minutes in a quick oven. Fill them with the following: One pint of milk, one cup of sugar, two-thirds of a cup of flour, two eggs; beat the eggs, flour and sugar together, and stir them in the milk while it is boiling. When partially cool flavor with lemon. These are favorites in bake shops.

Dessert Puffs

Mrs. N. C. Gridley, Evanston.

One pint sweet milk, scant pint flour, three eggs (whites and yolks beaten separately); bake in cups. To be eaten with liquid sauce.

Puff Pudding

Mrs. C. A. Rogers.

Five tablespoons of flour, five tablespoons of milk, five eggs stirred smooth ; turn on a pint of boiling milk, and bake twenty minutes. To be eaten with hard sauce.

Molly Puffs

Mrs. George B. Cushing.

One cup Indian meal scalded; when it cools add two cups of rye meal, two eggs, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and a small half teaspoon of soda; fry them, dropped from a spoon in boiling lard.

German Puffs

H. M. Brewer.

One pint sweet milk, five tablespoons flour, one tablespoon melted butter, six eggs, leaving out the whites of three ; bake in buttered cups, half filled, twenty minutes in hot oven.

For Sauce. — Beat the whites of five eggs to a stiff froth, and one coffee cup powdered sugar, and the juice of two oranges; turn the pudding from the cups on to a platter, and cover with the sauce just before sending to the table.

German Puffs

Mrs. E. P. Thomas, Rockford, 111.

One pint sweet milk, four eggs, five tablespoons flour, and a little salt. Bake three quarters of an hour.


Mrs. Wren.

Two eggs beaten separately, two cups of milk, two cups of flour, butter the size of a walnut; drop into hot irons and bake quickly.

Ypsilanti Cocoanut Puffs

One grated cocoanut, a little over one-half pound pulverized sugar stirred in the whites of three eggs, beater light; drop in small cakes on a dripping pan. Bake in a very quick oven.


Four cups of milk, four cups of flour, four eggs, butter the size of two eggs; put in cups half full, and bake for tea or breakfast.

Graham Puffs

Mrs. O. S. Wheelock.

One pint of Graham flour, one egg, teaspoon salt, one tablespoon baking powder; wet with milk or water.