Tomato soup. Roasted leg of lamb with mint sauce. Green peas.

Boiled potatoes with parsley. Lettuce with French dressing. Cheesed crackers.

Caramel custards. Coffee.

Allow two hours to prepare this dinner, if custard has been made beforehand. If places for more than four must be set, or if extra china and linen must be taken out, begin earlier and partly lay the table before putting the meat in the oven.

For recipes and directions for Tomato Soup, see p. 256, for Boiled Potatoes, p. 59, for Lettuce with French Dressing, pp. 259-261, for Cheesed Crackers, p. 102, for Caramel Custard, p. 284, and for Coffee (filtered), p. 343.

Pour just enough melted butter over the potatoes to coat them, and sprinkle lightly with finely cut parsley.

Order Of Work

1. Wipe the meat and put it in the roasting-pan. One hour and a half before the dinner-hour, put it in the oven. Prepare mint and sugar for mint sauce, if not already done.

2. Shell peas, and wash lettuce.

3. Lay table ; finish mint sauce; make ready the bread, mint sauce, and fruit.

4. Start soup (about forty-five minutes before dinner time).

5. Put peas to cook (allowing time according to their age).

Directions For Roasting Lamb

Follow directions for roasting beef, basting about once in fifteen minutes. Put a little water in the pan if there is not melted fat enough to baste with.

Mint Sauce

Finely cut mint leaves, 1/4 c. Granulated sugar, 1/4 c.

Vinegar, 1/2 c.

Mix the sugar and mint and let them stand for several hours if possible. Add the vinegar cold about an hour before serving.

6. Prepare cheesed crackers.

7. Dry lettuce and arrange in salad bowl. Leave in a cool place. Make French dressing.

8. Take up meat when done, and keep hot.

9. In the order given, finish making soup, dish and dress potatoes, dish peas, fill glasses. 10. Announce dinner.