Oatmeal. Cream or milk.

Soft-cooked eggs. Bacon. Whole-wheat muffins.


Allow one hour after the fire is well started to prepare this breakfast.

For recipes and directions for preparing oatmeal, see pp. 74 and 79, for grape-fruit, p. 232, coffee, p. 342, eggs, p. 88, bacon, p. 218, whole-wheat muffins, p. 113.

Suggestions For Order Of Work

1. Set the tea-kettle filled with fresh water where it will heat quickly and the double boiler containing the oatmeal, cooked the day before, where the contents will cook slowly or merely keep hot as may be required.

2. Lay the table. (See p. 350.)

3. Grease muffin-pans.

Mix the muffins. (How long are they to bake? How long will it take you to mix them? How long then before breakfast time should you begin them?)

4. Prepare grape-fruit (if it has not been done before).

5. Cut the butter. Put milk and cream in pitchers, and set them in ice-box. (It is best to have one pitcher of cream for the coffee and one for the cereal.)

6. Grind the coffee (if it is not already ground). Measure it. Have coffee-pot ready.

7. Put dishes to warm; platter for bacon, covered dish for cereal (unless it is to be served from the kitchen), plate for muffins, breakfast-plates, cereal dishes, and egg-cups.

8. Put eggs to cook (and remember to take them out at the right time).

9. Cook bacon. If it can all be cooked at once, it will take about eight minutes.

10. Ten minutes before breakfast time, make the coffee. If hot milk is to be served with it, heat this now.

11. Set butter, cream, cold milk, and grape-fruit on the table. Fill glasses.

12. Announce the breakfast.