Quick Nut Bread

Graham flour (unsifted), 2 c. White flour, 1 c. Light brown sugar, 2/3 c. Baking-powder, 1 t. Baking-soda, 1 1/8 t. Salt, 1 t. Buttermilk or sour milk, 2 c. Nut meats, cut fine, 1 c.

Stir the buttermilk into the flour mixture. When the batter is smooth, stir in the nut meats. Turn into a buttered bread pan, and bake one hour and a half in a moderate oven.

Boston Brown Bread to be mixed together thoroughly.

Rye meal, 1 c. Corn meal, 1 c. Graham flour, 1 c.

Milk, 2 c. Molasses, 3/4 c. Salt, 1 1/2 t.

Baking-powder, 4 t.

Mix the dry materials. Mix the milk and molasses, and stir them into the dry materials. Steam in a greased round brown-bread tin for about three hours, or divide into three greased 1/2-pound baking-powder tins, and steam for 1 hour. The tins should not be more than three-fourths full. They may be placed on the rack of a steamer or set into a covered vessel of hot water, with a rack or support of some sort in the bottom to keep them from bumping. If set into hot water, grease the covers and put them on. If a single large tin is used, it may have a greased cloth tied over the top.

Soft Corn Bread

Dry hominy, 1 c.

Boiling water, 3 c.

Yellow corn meal, 1 c.

Milk, about 1 qt.

Lard, 1 tb.

Eggs, 3.

Baking-powder, 1 tb.

Stir the hominy into the boiling water, and cook till soft. While hot, mix in the meal, lard, and milk. Beat the whites and yolks of the eggs separately. Add the yolks, then the whites. Sprinkle in the baking-powder last, and beat the mixture. Bake in a buttered dish 45 minutes. It should brown on top. Serve with a spoon with the meat course.

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