A recipe for modified milk is called a formula. Formulas for babies of different ages and weights have been worked out, according to several different systems. We cannot attempt to master any one of the systems, but we will prepare food according to a few selected formulas.

Before beginning work, wipe off the table, put on a clean apron, and wash your hands and clean your nails thoroughly. You should be even more careful to guard against dust and bacteria than when canning, because, as a rule, the baby's milk is not to be sterilized.

Formula 1

Whole milk, 6 oz.

Water, 15 oz.

Milk-sugar, 2 tb.

This formula will make 21 ounces of food. It is to be divided into seven feedings. How many bottles will be needed? How many ounces of food must be put into each bottle ?

Boil about a pint of water the first thing so that it will have time to cool before you use it. If the bottles and corks have not been sterilized according to directions for sterilizing jars on p. 298, do this at once. Collect all the materials and utensils needed. Rinse the utensils in boiling water.

Fill the measuring-glass with boiled and cooled water exactly to the 15-ounce mark. Pour it into the pitcher. Measure the sugar and put it into the pitcher. Stir till it is dissolved. Turn the milk bottle upside down and shake it well to mix in the cream. Wipe the mouth of the bottle before removing the cap. Fill measuring-glass with milk exactly to the 6-ounce mark. Pour the milk into the pitcher. Stir well.

Set bottles upright in rack. Place funnel in neck of the first bottle in the row. Pour exactly three ounces of food into the bottle. Place funnel in the next bottle. Pour in three ounces. Proceed till all the bottles are filled. Cork them and place next to ice.

Formula 2

Milk, 10 oz. Barley water, 17 oz.

Lime-water, 1 oz. Cane-sugar, 2 tb.

Prepare according to directions for preparing Formula 1, and divide into seven feedings. When plain water is used, it is best to dissolve the sugar (milk or cane) in it. In other cases it may be added after the liquid ingredients are in the pitcher. The order in which the ingredients are added does not matter so much as that they shall be well mixed and the sugar dissolved. Always wipe the mouth of the lime-water bottle before pouring out the lime-water.

Formula 3

Milk, 15 oz. Barley water, 10 oz.

Water, 5 oz. Lime-water, 1 oz.

Maltose, 3/4 oz.1

1 Malt soup, malt food, dextri-maltose, or neutral maltose. If Frei-hofer's malt is used, add to every ounce 10 grains of potassium carbonate to neutralize its acidity.

Malt soup is liquid. If a solid maltose is used, put it with the water in a saucepan, let it come to a boil, and cool. Proceed as for Formulas 1 and 2. How many ounces will this formula make? It is to be divided into seven feedings, of 4 1/2 ounces each. How much will be left over? Divide this trifle between two or three of the bottles.