1. Fruit, fresh, canned, or dried, should be used daily. It is not fruit, but bacteria in fruit not in proper condition that causes sickness.

2. Eat only sound, ripe fruit raw. Fruit slightly under-ripe or over-ripe may be made safe to eat by cooking. Cooking softens the fibre and kills bacteria.

3. Sweet fruits, such as dates, figs, or prunes, may be eaten instead of sugar with cereals. It is better not to eat acid fruit and starchy foods together, as acid tends to delay the action of saliva on starch.

4. Do not eat peach, plum, or any other tough fruit-skins. It is safer not to eat grape seeds. Chew raw huckleberries well. Young children and others with whom fruit containing small seeds does not agree, may take the juice of such fruits.

Home-made fruit-juice, fresh or canned, makes better drinks, especially for children, than the soda-fountain supplies.