1 lb. Scotch Puff Paste.

1/4 pint of Béchamel Sauce.

1/4 1b. milled dry Cheese.

2 oz. minced Olives.

1 teaspoonful of French Mustard.

How To Make:

Roll out the puff paste about 1/2 inch thick a round shape, about the size of a cheese plate, lay the cheese plate on the paste and cut round with a sharp knife dipped in hot water; then take a smaller plate about one inch less in size or a large round tin lid and cut round in the same way; this leaves you with a large circle of paste for the edge. Next roll carefully the centre piece to fit the outside circle, brush the edge of the bottom piece with water and carefully lay the top edge on to it, brush the top edge with yolk of egg, and lay on a baking tin and bake in a hot oven for half an hour until paste is well cooked and brown. Heat the sauce, cheese, olives and mustard in a stewpan, and fill up the centre of the Vol-au-vent. Garnish with potato chips and chopped parsley.