1 small Tomato.

2 oz. milled Cheddar Cheese

1 oz. Butter.

2 oz. soft white Breadcrumbs.

2 hard-boiled Eggs.

1 tablespoonful of Tomato Chutney.

1 teaspoonful of Lemon Juice.

Salt and Paprika Pepper to taste.

How To Make:

Rub the tomato through a sieve, keeping the pips and skins back. Mix all the ingredients except the whites of the eggs. Pound them or rub them into a paste. Arrange some lettuce leaves round a dish, put the mixture in the centre, press the cooked whites through a coarse sieve over the mixture, and sprinkle with Paprika pepper and chopped parsley, or this mixture may be used as a Sandwich Paste.