Jelly of Apple Parings and Cores

Measure skins and cores by pressing firmly into the measure. Add 1/3 (no more) as much water as of fruit-you will think it is not enough. Boil 20 m., stirring often. Strain. Measure juice, boil 20-30 m., according to juiciness of apples, skimming. Add 1/2 as much sugar, hot, as of juice, boil 5-10 m., or until foamy. Put at once into glasses.

If apple jelly is as thick as desired when it first cools, it will be too thick after standing a few days. If apples are very juicy, use only one-half as much water.

Apple Jelly

Wash apples and cut into quarters or eighths. Do not pare or core. Add 1/4 as much water as of apples in the kettle. Cook, stirring occasionally until apples are tender, not too soft. Finish as in jelly of parings. It is difficult to give the exact time for cooking, as apples vary in jellying properties. Use less water if apples are very juicy. One quince to every 10 or 12 apples gives a nice flavor. A few green grapes combined with apples or crab apples make a nice jelly.

Crab and Baldwin apples may be combined.

Apple and Cranberry Jelly

Stew 1 qt. of apple parings with 1 cup of cranberries and a pint of water until tender. Strain. There should be about 3/4 of a pint of juice. Boil 5 m; add 3/4 pt. sugar, boil 2-4 m. Or, use 1 doz. large tart apples to 1 qt. of berries, or equal parts apple and cranberry juice. Proceed as in other jellies.