Trumese and Potato Hash

Put trumese and double the quantity of cold potatoes (those cooked in their jackets until nearly tender being ideal) through food cutter, using next to the coarsest cutter. (If chopping by hand, be sure not to chop too fine, especially the potatoes.) Mix carefully. Simmer without browning, chopped onion in oil. Add the mixed trumese and potato, pour consomme or nicely seasoned gravy over and set in the oven to heat, and brown over the top. If obliged to finish on top of the stove, set back, on an asbestos pad, and heat slowly, covered.

The onion may be mixed with the trumese and potato, all put into a baking dish, nut butter stirred to a cream with consomme poured over and the hash baked for 3/4 -1 hour. Finely-sliced celery, celery salt, or any of the sweet herbs, powdered, may be substituted for the onion. Sage may be used occasionally with the onion.

Trumese and Rice Hash

Use boiled or steamed rice in place of potato in the preceding recipe.