Lemon Pie (Superior)

Lemons, 3.

Water, 3 cups.

Corn starch, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Sugar, 2 cups.

Eggs, 3.

Flour, 4 tablespoonfuls.

Put the water and butter into a double boiler and set on the range. Mix the sugar, flour, and corn starch together; grate in the lemon rind, add the juice and beaten yolks of the eggs. When the water in the boiler is scalding hot, stir in the mixture, and cook till of the consistency of cold honey, stirring now and then to ensure even cooking. Remove from the fire; when cool, pour into deep pie tins, lined with good pastry. When done, meringue with the whites of the eggs.

Cocoanut Pie

Desiccated Cocoanut, cup.

Eggs, 2.

Butter, size of an egg.

Milk, 1 cup.

Sugar, 1 small cup.

Soak the cocoanut in the milk, add the beaten egg, sugar, and butter melted. Line a pie-pan with rich pastry, put in the filling, and bake. The white of one of the eggs may be used as a meringue, if desired.

Washington Cream Pie

Crust: Eggs, 6.

Vanilla, 1 teaspoonful. Flour, 1 rounded cup. Sugar, 1 cup. Lemon juice, 2 teaspoonfuls.

Beat the yolks of the eggs till very thick; add the sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice. Beat the whites of the eggs very stiff, fold half the whites into the yolk and sugar, then half the flour, then the remainder of the whites and the rest of the flour. Divide this batter into two pie-pans and bake. When cold, split each cake and put in the filling.


Milk, 2 cups.

Eggs, 2.

Flour, cup.

Butter, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Sugar, 1 cup.

Vanilla, 1 teaspoonfuls.

Put three-fourths of the milk into a double boiler, together with the milk, and set on the range. Beat the eggs very light; add the sugar, flour, and the remainder of the milk. Beat till perfectly smooth, and when the milk in the boiler is scalding hot, stir in the mixture. Beat till smooth, and cook thoroughly; when cool, add the vanilla. If made a day or two before serving, and kept on ice, the quality of these pies is greatly improved.

Prune Pie

Prune, marmalade, 1 pint.

Egg, 1. Lemon, 1. Sugar, cup.

To the marmalade add the grated rind and juice of the lemon, sugar, and beaten yolk of egg; put into a pie-pan lined with good paste and bake till the crust is done; remove from oven and meringue with the white of the egg.

Apple Pie

Line a pie-pan with rich paste, sprinkle over the bottom a little flour and sugar. Fill with apples cut in thin slices. The pan should be slightly rounding full. Sprinkle a little flour and sugar, according to the tartness of the fruit. Add two tablespoonfuls of water, and a few small pieces of butter. Moisten the edge of the paste and put on the upper crust, press down the edges, trim, make several perforations in the top to allow the steam to escape, brush the crust with a little milk, and bake about forty-five minutes.

Rhubarb Pie

Pie paste.

Rhubarb, 4 cups.

Sugar, 1 large cup.


Salt. .


Line a pie plate with paste rolled a little thicker than a dollar. Strip the skin off the rhubarb and cut the stalk into half-inch lengths. Fill the plate an inch deep, and to a quart of rhubarb add a large cup of sugar. Sprinkle a pinch of salt, and a grating of nutmeg on top, with a little flour. Cover with a rich crust and bake in a quick oven until the pie loosens from the dish.

Blueberry Pie

Line a pie-pan with pie paste. Put in the berries half an inch deep, and to one quart of berries put a teacup of brown sugar; sift a teaspoonful of flour over, a pinch of salt, and a little grated nutmeg. Cover with the top crust, pressing down the edges tightly. Trim and bake in a good oven forty-five minutes. This pie is the typical berry pie.