Pastry Dough For Pies

Flour, 1 pint.

Butter, 3 tablespoonfuls, rounding full, or, Olive oil, cup. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Cold water, 6 tablespoonfuls.

Chop the butter in the flour, add the water and salt, and without mixing turn upon the board. Roll out and double over three times. Then roll out again and double. Continue this till the crust is smooth; then roll out very thin and roll as for jelly cake. Cut into two pieces, stand each piece on end, and roll out one for the top and the other for the bottom crust.

Pumpkin For Pies

Wash the pumpkin, but do not peel; remove the seeds, cut up, cook and put through a colander. The pumpkin is much sweeter cooked this way than when the peel is removed before cooking.

Pumpkin Pies

Mashed pumpkin, I cup. Molasses, 1/3 cup. Sugar, 1/3 cup. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Flour, 1 tablespoonful. Eggs, 2.

Cinnamon, 1 teaspoonful. Milk, 1 cup.

Mix all together thoroughly, adding the milk last.

Pumpkin Pies Without Eggs

Mashed pumpkin, 1 cup. Flour, 1 tablespoonful. Sugar, cup. Nutmeg, a dash. Mix together, and when smooth, add Sweet cream, I cup.

Milk, 1quart.

Sugar, 1 cup.

Eggs, 6.

Chocolate, pound.

Water, 2 cups.

Vanilla, 2 teaspoonfuls.

Save the whites of three of the eggs for meringue; beat together the remainder of the eggs, sugar, and vanilla; dissolve the chocolate in the water and boil for three minutes. When nearly cold, add to the eggs and sugar. Put in pan lined with good pastry and bake; makes two large or three small pies.

Make an ordinary custard pie, flavor with vanilla; put the grated chocolate into a basin on the side of the range, where it will melt, but not burn. When melted, beat into it one egg and sugar to suit the taste. Spread on top of the pie.

Hygienic Mince Meat

(For Six Pies)

Chopped apples, medium size, 14.

Chopped walnuts, 1 cup.

Chopped blanched almonds, cup.

Chopped figs, cup.

Chopped citron, cup.

Seeded raisins, 1 cup.

Seedless raisins or currants, 1 cup.

Caramel-cereal coffee, 1 cup.

Fruit juice or jelly, 1 cup.

Lemons, juice of, 4.

Salt, 1 tablespoonful.

Sugar and spice to taste.

Mince Pie

Minced apples, 4 cups. Prune juice, 1 cup. Sugar, 1 cup. Molasses, 1 cup. Butter, 2 tablespoonfuls. Minced protose, 3 cups. Seedless raisins, 2 cups. Lemon, grated rind and juice, 1.

Stew all together until thick enough for filling. Flavor with

Salt, 1 teaspoonful.



Baker's Custard Pie

Sugar, 3 tablespoonfuls.

Eggs, 3.

Vanilla, 1 teaspoonful.

Salt to taste.

Flour, 1 tablespoonful.

Milk, 2 cups.

Grated nutmeg.

Beat the yolks of the eggs to a cream, stir the flour thoroughly into the sugar, and add to the eggs. Then put in the vanilla, nutmeg, and salt; then add well-beaten whites. Mix well and add by degrees the milk that has been scalded and cooled (but not boiled), and turn all into a deep pie-pan, lined with rich paste. Bake from twenty-five to thirty minutes.