Apple Nut Pudding

Apple pulp, 2 cups.

Nuttolene, pound.

Eggs, 4.

Sugar, cup.

Bread crumbs, 1 pounds.

Cinnamon or nutmeg, 1 teaspoonful.

Grate sufficient tart apples to make two cups; then add the sugar, cinnamon or nutmeg, bread crumbs, nuttolene, which has been put through a vegetable grinder, and the beaten yolks of the eggs. Beat well and add the stiffly-beaten whites, put into an oiled pudding-pan set in a pan of boiling water, and bake. Serve with sweetened cream or flavored sauce.

Prune Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca, cup. Cold water, 2 cups. Lemon juice, 1 tablespoonful. Prunes, 1 cup. Salt, teaspoonful. Sugar, cup.

Put the prunes into enough water to cover them, and let simmer gently till they absorb all the water. Turn onto a plate to cool and remove stones. When tapioca has cooked until clear, put all the seasoning into it, and put a layer into a pudding dish, then a layer of prunes, and so on, having the top layer tapioca. Bake in moderate oven one hour; then allow to partially cool, and serve with cream.

Prune Pudding

Prune pulp, 1 cup. Prune meats, chopped fine, cup. Egg whites, well beaten, 4. Sugar, cup.

Stir the beaten whites of the eggs with the prune pulp, and add the chopped prune meats and sugar. Bake till lightly browned, and serve with cream.

Bread Pudding

Milk, 1 quart. Sugar, cup. Stale bread, 1 cups. Eggs, 3. Flavor to suit.

Soak the bread in the milk; beat the yolks and one of the whites of the eggs with the sugar, and flavor. Mix and put into a pudding dish. Set into a pan of hot water and bake until the custard is set. Meringue with the whites.

If desired, the top of the pudding may first be marked with jelly, marmalade, or fresh fruit of some kind, and the meringue put over all.

Pressed Fruit Pudding

Bread, 8 slices.

Stewed huckleberries, 1 quart.

Sugar, cup.

Trim the bread, cutting off all crusts, put four slices in the bottom of a pudding-pan, cover with half the berries, which should have the juice strained off, sprinkle over part of the sugar, then the rest of the bread and the remainder of the berries and sugar. Pour over all the juice that has been drained; there should be enough to moisten the bread thoroughly. If served the same day, put another pan on top of the pudding, with a weight in it, to press the pudding. It is not necessary to press the pudding if not used the same day it is made. Serve with sweetened cream or sweet sauce.

Snow Pudding

Milk, 1 quart. Salt, 1/3 teaspoonful. Eggs, whites, 5. Sugar, 1/3 cup. Corn starch, 1/3 cup. Vaniila to suit.

Set milk, sugar, and salt in double boiler over the fire; when scalding hot, add the corn starch mixed smooth in a little cold milk. When the starch is cooked, remove from the fire, and beat well. When cold, stir in carefully the stiffly-beaten whites and flavor with vanilla. Serve with vanilla sauce.